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Corporate Social Responsibility
Aqaba Inner Space Company is based on preserving the surrounding environment, knowing that horses are by nature friendly to the environment. We also perform all our services through diving and horse breeding in the governorate and ensuring that we commit not to use plastic and recycle horse manure to benefit from these outputs as a natural fertilizer that we give to everyone who needs to use it for free.

“Start with your self” Initiative
A youth initiative that aims to change as much as possible from everything that is negative in our society to become positive. Our youth are the hope and the future, so this initiative supports the idea of ​​leadership and cooperation for a better tomorrow!

When looking around, we find many negative things that have become chronic habits that limit the effectiveness of our society; Our initiative will start little by little by changing these things through youth activities that will send positive energies and principles to everyone who enters our circle, starting with each individual with himself first and with his surroundings second.

Perseverance and determination make the impossible possible and achieve the goal even if it is out of reach. Creating jealousy from a successful positive person is one of our goals as it drives those who are watching you to believe and believe that they are able to change themselves as you have changed.

Before you disgrace your workplace, your community, or even your country, look inside.

Change..changes the universe around you..change starts from within us!

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